blends in Cashmere,wool,Angora,silk,linen

cotton yarns 


We can offer you the finest in cotton yarns as detailed below

16s ne to 30s ne in open end spun (autocoro for denim )

40s ne  upto 100s ne in ring spin autoconed siro cleared  cotton yarns

2/30s ne  upto 2/140s ne  in combed gassed cotton yarn s

2/180s ne  2/200s  ne in compact com 4  (super fine counts )

30s ne upto 80s ne in organic cotton   ring spun  or compact com 4

6s ne 10s ne in organic cotton open end spun

dyed cotton yarns from 24s ne upto 60s ne  colors as per pantome code

Naturally dyed cotton yarns from 10s ne upto 80s ne  ( organic cotton yarns )

combed gassed mercerized cotton yarns from 2/40s ne upto 2/100s ne

dyed combed gassed cotton yarns from ne 2/40s ne upto 2/100s ne