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Description :

Our Organic coton yarn is produced from organically grown cotton and is certified by SKAL International, a subsidiary of Control Union World Group.

Tradition and Innovation
The production of top quality fine-count combed cotton yarn is a specialty since several generations. Our customers are very fond of product quality and service. The innovative product Organic combed cotton yarn made from organic cotton, meets very high standards with respect to yarn quality and product ecology.

Organically Grown Cotton
The main target of organic agriculture is to maintain a fertile soil and to prevent the contamination of ground, water, air and the ready made textile with agrochemicals.

To reach this goal, the cotton used in our product is grown according to the guidelines about organic agriculture from the European Community (EU regulation (EEC) no 2092/91). The compliance with these standards is controlled by an independent organization (Skal International).

According to the above mentioned guidelines, no chemical fertilizers are used. The soil fertility is supported by manure and compost, but also cover crops are seeded in crop rotation with cotton. To prevent pests and other plant diseases, only resistant cotton seeds are planted. In addition, beneficial bugs are used for pest control. As agro-chemicals are not used, the growth of these natural antipest bugs is supported. Weeds are controlled by mechanical procedures. Other than the above mentioned pest- and weed control measures are only
allowed if necessary. But the list of permitted aids is very restrictive and these aids have to meet the standards of organic agriculture.

The usage of chemical substances for defoliation is not permitted. Genetically modified seeds may not be used in organic agriculture.

Quality and Ecology are guaranteed
In order to guarantee an environmentally sound production method, the spinning- mill and the raw cotton used are strictly controlled by Skal International and the approved yarn are to bear the EKO quality label. This label is registered and the buyer has the proof, that the raw cotton used is grown according to the requirements of the European Community regarding organic production methods. The production process meets the Skal criteria for environment-friendly textile production.

Despite an environment-friendly production, the yarn quality meets the highest quality standards, which result in best yarn performance in weaving,
knitting and warp-knitting. Low numbers of imperfections, evenness and hairiness
enable the production of high class
yarn. Our foreign fiber clearers reduce
the risk of foreign fiber contamination and second quality yarn further.

Ecology and Economy
The requirements for environment-friendly produced products are well known : Guaranteed organic production methods are as important as fashionable design and yarn quality.

With our Organic cotton yarn, these requirements can be met :

  • The EKO quality label guarantees sustainability in cotton cultivation and spinning process.

  • Long-term contracts with our farmers guarantee that the farmland
    can be cultivated organically on a continuous basis.

  • As no agro-chemicals are used, the finished products do not contain
    any dangerous chemical residues.

  • As no fossil fuels are used production is CO2-neutral to a large extent. The spinning mill is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard

  • Best yarn performance in yarn production stands for efficient and low-cost production.

  • Organic-cotton allows top yarn quality and the production of excellent yarns, made from fine-count yarn
  •  (Ne 6 s ,ne 10s open end
  • ne 20s ,ne 30s ne 40s  ring spun autoconed siro cleared
  • ne 40s ne 60s ne 80s compact com 4  for reduced hairiness
  • 2/20s ,2/40s, 2/60s, 2/80s doubled cotton yarns
  • naturally dyed organic cotton yarns