Its our constant inner urge to improve and move beyond textile business ...
Which prompted us to venture into  Agri Commodities Coffee Tea Metal Ingots minerals Oxides ..
Ecommerce -Tyres,Auto Accessories spare Parts for a wide range of Automotive range .

  • our mission- building up, maintaining and developing correct and stable relationships with our customers and suppliers in India and Globally.
  • our top value are the people-providing satisfaction not only to our customers , but also to our employees is our obligation;
  • quality- in order to fulfil the expectations of our customers, we have been always paying attention to the quality of the product we offer;
  • transparency- the opened and transparent dialogue with our fellows, suppliers and customers is our way of communication;
  • logistic –Softtextile  has well developed logistic network, which allows us to deliver the goods in a fast and efficient way.

We dare to say, that we are in position to offer the best possible combination between price, quality and stability of the delivery of a given chemical product that we supply. A list of the chemicals that we handle is readily available in our website.

We would be happy to hear from you, for which we are taking the opportunity to say thank you one more time.

The crew of Softtextile