Gassed hi twist cottonyarns specifications

Gassed hi twist premium cotton yarns specifications most suitable for guthra yashmagh voile fabric Twist direction ZZ

Gassed High Twist Yarn

Gassed High Twist Yarn

Description : Gassed high twist cotton yarn for special applications with low imperfection levels.Manufactured in a dust free contamination controlled environment

Egyptian cotton fiber Giza 88 100% voile yarn,100/2 high twist high-level combed and gassed Z/Z & 80/2.

We can also offer super fine counts like Ne 120/2 Ne 140/2 Ne 180/2 Ne 200/2 (compact com4 spun)

we can also offer 50/3, 140/3 ne multi ply

Twisting & gassing/ singeing are performed in some of the best latest equipments available & by most experienced personell only.

So you can expect the finest end product humanly possible & exported worldwide for many years .

Special requirements

100% cotton ring spun warp yarn combed. 100% cotton ring spun yarn combed 100% cotton compact ring spun yarn All our exported yarns are electronically cleared, spliced, auto-coned, length measured, auto levelled, TFO twisted and strict quality controlled. All our exported compact yarns are contamination cleared. We can supply Count ranging from NE 40/2 to 100/2 combed cotton ring spun yarn wound on cones on 4 degree 20' or 3 degree 30' paper cone and count ranging from 30s to 80s in single as well as double in Compact yarn . We can supply yarn on Dye cones wound on perforated plastic cone suitable for bleaching/dyeing- 4 degree 20'to withstand 1200 level of temperature as well as on 0 degree Cylindrical dye tubes

As naturally grown cotton has some imperfections so a 5 % variation is considered acceptable